Finley Jo and Ryder

Published On:
August 20, 2022
Expected Due Date:
August 2, 2022

Finley Jo and Ryder are proud parents. There are 8 females and 2 males!!! AVAILABILITY! This is a repeat litter that produces blonde, champagne to deep red every time. We love the rich colors and beautiful coats of these sweet babies. We take reservations ongoing. The reservation puts you in selection order. We do selections at 8 weeks once pups have had a small evaluation and we can see more personality and coats. They go home the same day. We always have an Open House to allow visitors to come and see our process and our pups even if not on our reservation list. Look for these as EVENTS on our Facebook page. These parents have 5 remaining RESERVATIONS available. They will GO HOME October 1, which means you have time to get them settled in and potty trained to enjoy them during the Christmas season.