2020 Doodle Litter Expectation

May 3, 2020

Try as we may, we cannot always predict our litter schedule, but we do our best. We have our Goldendoodle litter due May 15th. Piper and Gryphon

A Mini Doodle litter due around the 1st of June. Mercy and Axel

We then will have an Aussiedoodle litter due in early July. Soliel and Jerico.

It is our goal to have a Sheepadoodle this year as well, but she is keeping us guessing.  We'll update you soon. Georgia and Gryphon.

We should breed another Standard (Medium size) litter in August for Christmas puppies. One more fall litter breeding around October for the Standards.

2 more Mini litters will hopefully be bred around October and November.

Currently our litters are reserving before they are born (check with us on that) so if you are interested please be sure to contact us about reserving a puppy today.  Thank you so much.  We take raising your future baby very seriously.

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