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July 10, 2020

We have been having a busy summer with doodles. I want to share when we have spots open on our waiting list and how that all works.  At this time we do a general waiting list.  This allows you to move from one litter to another depending on timing etc.  This will change in the near future due to the confusion is causes families trying to plan where they may fall on a list.  Of course we can DO NOTHING to determine the number of puppies a mom will have, but we typically expect she will have around the same number she has had in the past, BUT there is NO GUARANTEE, just like with Piper this summer.  Her last litter was 10 and this litter was 4.

RESERVED At this time PIper's litter goes home this weekend.  They were born May 14, 2020. She is an F1B Goldendoodle bred to a standard poodle, Gryphon. Range will be 40-60 lbs. PIper is in an amazing guardian home and has one of her puppies being raised with her. We could not live without our amazing guardian homes and God has blessed us with the best there are. Piper is a love. She has not met a person she doesn't love and is such a great mother.  You cannot give her a treat that she won't take to her puppies first to share with them. She has a wardrobe that is 2nd to none and training in therapy work. Gryphon lives with us and can be seen often with his running buddy Georgia and sometimes Ryder.

RESERVED Mercy is a mini Goldendoodles weighing 15 lbs and her mate is also a mini goldendoodle weighing 22 lbs. They have 8 babies who were born June 2, 2020 and they will go home August 1 and were reserved before they were born. Mercy lives with us while her mate, Axel lives with another amazing Guardian home who has Sadie (Another mini doodle) and Chanel, who has retired with her guardian home.

RESERVED Soleil is a Medium Aussiedoodle bred to an outside stud this time by the name of Fabio (Standard Poodle). She was due yesterday with 8 and all her babies are reserved at this time. Expected weight range 40-60 lbs. Soleil lives with yet another amazing guardian home who treats her like the jewel she is. She also has Kaia who is another guardian and the daughter of Bella and granddaughter of Diamond, our original Goldendoodle.

RESERVED Finley Jo is an F1, no shed Goldendoodle bred to Ryder, a standard poodle. She has had 11 and 10 puppies in the past and her litter is possibly reserved. Expected weight range 40-60 lbs. Finley Jo will have her xray next week to determine the number she is having. Finley Jo lives in Whitehouse with a guardian home like no other.  I have to watch her because she might steal all of the puppies.  She loves them with everything she has.  She has one of Finley Jo's sons, Thatcher. Ryder lives with us.

Georgia is our sheepadoodle and will have her first litter August 3 with Gryphon as the dad. At this time we have 5 reservations.  We will do an xray 5 days before she is due to determine the number, but are still taking reservations for her litter. Georgia lives with us with her mate Gryphon after spending some time in College Station with our daughter.

We will be breeding Kaia in August or September. She is an F1B Medium Goldendoodle who carries for parti and will be bred with Gryphon.  She will get about half parti colored doodles and the rest will be in the gold to apricot range.

Emmie, an F1 Medium Goldendoodle will be bred in or around October with Ryder. Emmie was our first guardian home dog.  Her family is amazing as well and Emmie is a darling of a dog with grace and beauty.

As far as minis: We will breed 2 litters.  We are hoping for breed dates of September/October and November/December. Mercy and Sadie are the moms and Axel is the dad.  We have 8 reservations already. Those on the list may choose which litter to go with.

I know it can seem daunting to have to wait, but this is where we are right now.  We are grateful so many put their trust in us as breeders for their babies. There are so many scams and breeders who lack the knowledge to breed properly who are selling ill puppies, breeding siblings together and who lack the knowledge in how to get the right coat that the doodle is desired for.  I believe our solid program and care of our puppies is excellent, our families refer us often and our prices are well below the market rate. Due to some upgrades in training and care our prices will go up in 2021. We will work with our expenses to keep that at a minimum, but they will go up after careful work with our CPA to determine the appropriate cost.  We will always vow to work to improve for the health and training our your puppy during the critical 8 weeks we have them.  

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