Doodles, doodles and lots of Doodles! Summer Litter Updates and YOUTUBE Launch

May 24, 2020

We currently have 4 litters bred. Piper and Gryphon have beautiful 1 week old babies. They are all reserved at this time. Mercy and Axel have babies due at the beginning on June of mini babies and they are more than likely all reserved.  We have an xray scheduled to confirm the number on June 1.

Next are our beautiful Aussiedoodles with Soliel and Fabio. They are due in early July and then Finley Jo and Ryder have a litter due mid July.  Currently we have spots available on these litters.

Please read our page regarding reservations.  Most of our furbabies are reserved before they are born or shortly there-after so if you are wanting to get one, earlier is better.  Because we do a general waiting list you have a spot HELD for you in selection order.  This means you could move up if someone backed out, but are free to move from one litter to another up until the puppies are born and a few days old. At that time you will have to make a commitment to that litter or move to the next. The exceptions to that rule are the last selection of every litter.  That family can choose to take the final puppy or move to the next litter in the order of the reservation.

For the fall/winter we will have 2 more mini litters and another medium litter or 2 depending on heats of our mamas. We do not believe we will have puppies ready right at Christmas, but potentially by Thanksgiving.  We'll update as we know.

PLEASE check out our new Youtube Chanel's 1st post! We will show our new puppies as well as talk about what F1 and F1b mean and how we started this journey. We would love for you to watch the entire video (it helps our ratings) and like and subscribe ("Scribe" as my 7 year old says).

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