Fall Update! And all other Doodle Things

September 23, 2023


YES....cooler weather is coming! I can finally function on a better level.  We are in a major organizing phase of our DoodleDaminium and planning for the next year of puppies.

Anyone placing a RESERVATION on Mercy or Sadie's litter will receive $400 off. This is only for the current 2 litters. This means the total is $1800 and there are officially 15 of these pups (born in December)

Lucy's Micro litter remains $2200 and there are 4 of them with 2 of each gender.  If you are a current owner you do receive your discount of $200 off of this litter.

All current owners receive $200 off any additional puppy anyway, but this is not in addition to these discounts. We WILL however adapt to the lowest cost.

We are also offering several litters from another breeder, but NO DISCOUNTS will apply to those litters. She has amazing Cavapoo babies available with merle, tri color Phantom Merle and one red. Please contact us on this page for more information.

Which darlings have arrived?

Sadie: Petite Mini Goldendoodle.  She is a beautiful, graceful red Goldendoodle..  She was bred with Ottis (10.6 lbs) and we expect very small Petite Mini Goldendoodles. We are excited about this first time pairing!

Born December 12, 2023 and ready February 24th. Happy Valentines Day GIFT of a fur-ever love. 7 puppies were born with 4 females and 3 males. SEE PHOTO SECTION OF AVAILABLE PUPPIES.

Mercy: She is around 15 lbs of sweetness. She has an amazing temperament and no one is disappointed in her pups.  The change is......drum roll......Ottis is the daddy, all 10.6 lbs of him.  We expect itty bitty babies. I am sure they will be spectacular. We consider them Petites and yet many will be closer to Micros. THEY WILL STILL QUALIFY FOR THE PETITE PRICING. They arrived December 16, 2023. These will range from 10-15 lbs give or take a little bit. They will be ready February 24, 2023 There are 8 puppies with 6 females and 2 males.  SEE PHOTO SECTION OF AVAILABLE PUPPIES.  There is also a LIVE VIDEO on our Facebook page.

Lucy: Why leave Miss Lucy out?  She's a little ball of spunk and cuddles. She also has bred with Ottis like before and will produce Micro Goldendoodles ranging from 10-12 lbs. THESE ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR DISCOUNT. She has had 4 pups with 2 females and 2 males.

For those interested in Cavapoos, our friend has a litter available mid February with Spectacular merle, merle phantom and one red. They will be available in Longview.

Incentive: Share our posts and if a FRIEND is referred by you and let's us know, you will receive a $50 gift card! We want to spread the word more and YOU are our best advertisement. We are hearing more and more about people being scammed and we want people to know we are the REAL DEAL. YOUR are our best advertisements! We thank you for referrals!

*Keep in mind that discounted pups do not come with the same Go Home bag. I can offer Snuggle Pups for sale for those wanting them ($35). Custom collars as well as bells are available too. Baxter and Bella is offered at 25% off for a lifetime membership, but we will not be offering it as part of the package. You would sign up through them using the code. Thank you for understanding. We will offer the same Go Home bag for our cost is you would like!

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