Litter Predictor for the END of 2021 and 2022

October 3, 2021

Piper/Gryphon are due the end of October and puppies will go home Christmas Eve. ALL ARE RESERVED.

Georgia (Sheepadoodle)is also pregnant and is due 11/16 and expected GO HOME of mid January.

Reesie (Aussiedoodle) is expecting December 10th and pups will go home the first of February.

Mercy/Axel should be bred in November for a January due date with a GO HOME of March.

Kaia could be bred mid December for Feb due date and April GO HOME.

Finley Jo/Ryder could be bred in January for a due date in March and a GO HOME of May.

Maggie Mae could be bred early Feb, due in April and GO HOME in June.

Lucy/Axel could be bred in Feb/March, due date April/May and GO HOME June/July.

Emmie bred in late April, due in June, GO HOME in late August. BREED WITH SMALLER ONE.

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