Quick Overview of Predicted Litters

August 31, 2020

We do our very best to predict litters, but ultimately God has the last say in when a female goes into heat, if she has a successful pregnancy and how many puppies and which genders are born.

Our outlines are simply predictions and nothing more. Below is our best guess summary. Below that are more details.

2021 Summary: I have put due dates. "Go Home" dates are 8 weeks later.

Sheepadoodle (Georgia) predictions: Due February/March 2021 GO HOME April/May

Due September 2021 GO HOME January 2022.

Aussidoodle (Soleil)  Due February 2, 2021/GO HOME weekend of April 3, 2021 (bred)

Due August 2021/GO HOME December 2021.

Medium Goldendoodles: (Emmie) Born November 3, 2020/GO HOME December 2020,

(Kaia) Born November 19th/GO HOME weekend of January 16, 2021

(Finley Jo) Due February 2021/GO HOME April 2021 (predicted)

(Piper) Due May 2021/GO HOME July (predicted)

Mini Goldendoodle predictions: Due January 16th Mercy) GO HOME weekend of March 13, 2021

(Mercy) Due August/GO HOME October  (predicted)

(Sadie) Due February 2021/GO HOME APRIL (predicted)

(Sadie) Due August/GO HOME October (predicted)

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