Roaring through the Rest of 2022 and into 2023

November 7, 2022 we are and fall has finally arrived after a LONG, HOT summer!

Today! Today only for a limited time only..... okay, no we aren't a TV infomercial.

Anyway, today we have 3 amazing AUSSIEDOODLE FEMALES who have not found homes yet. They are awesome beauties. They will range from 40-60 lbs. and we are ready to make them YOURS.  Ask us details for reduced prices. 2 are curlier and one is amazingly wavy. Our Wavy girl has amazing markings like we have not seen before.  Instead of lighter coloring under her eyes she has a darker red along with her apricot fur. She also has some light spots on her jaws that look like a touch of blush.  Pretty cool. Our yellow collar girl Rose has the lighter highlights under her eyes and pink collar Princess is all apricot. All are doing well in their crates and love to play with each other and others.  They are now socializing with other dogs.  Soleil, their amazing mother has now retired.  She is a breath taking merle F1 Aussiedoodle with the sweetest disposition. She would easily past Therapy certification with little effort.

Moving along, we have 2 litters of PETITE MINI GOLDENDOODLES.  If you research what this size is, you will find a great deal of arguments mainly because different breeds define this differently and these are a mix of breeds.  We have chosen this term to mean any puppy between 10 lbs and 25 lbs.

Maggie Mae 12 lbs and Axel 22 lbs had a beautiful litter of 4 males and 3 females October 22, 2023. 2 are parti colored (particularly colored with white and another color) white/apricot, 2 are red and 2 are golden-apricot. They are ready for their homes December 17th, but we will hold them until Christmas or just after if needed.

Goldie 11 lbs and Ottis 10.6 lbs had 4 beautiful babies October 23, 2022. 2 females and 2 males in the golden to light apricot range.

We will be selecting these as if they are one litter since they are 1 day apart. Today and today only...... WE HAVE 3 MALES AVAILABLE. Again, we won't know which ones until selection day, December 17th.

Now, we're getting to some FUN EXTRA OPTIONS!  We are now offering more choices with our friend's doodles.  They are amazing and we have purchased all of our petite minis from them so we trust their system and process.  Those would be reserved by video or photo at the time of reservation. We bring them to Longview.

What do we have to offer here??? Today.....4 gorgeous male MINI GOLDENDOODLES (20-25 lb range), 1 merle, 1 phantom merle, 1 golden, 1 black. They will be coming to Longview Friday of THIS WEEK if reserved.  

Ready December 17th, 2022

More PETITE MINI GOLDENDOODLES: black and white (looks like it may be brindle and white) parti female, brindle male, red male.

PETITE MINI GOLDENDOODLES: golden/apricot/red range.

PETITE MINI BERNEDOODLES: Only males left. Parti, chocolate and black.

SHEEPADOODLES: Georgia is due in late December and pups will go home in March! These are Medium/standards.  After this litter Georgia will be starting Service Training for PTSD and will be going to work at Kranz Psychological with my husband.

Sadie is due in January and pups will go home in March as well.  She is a petite/mini Goldendoodle in a deep red.

At this time that is all she wrote.  We will only breed if we have reservations.  We are seeing the market change where more people are wanting dogs when they want dogs.  I call it the Vending Machine Dog Market. We just simply don't breed this way. If we don't have any reservations, then we skip that particular litter. During this time we work on training more of ours for therapy work.

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