So who is DUE?

June 28, 2022

Who is due for the rest of 2022?  That is always a guess when heat cycles can change, but here is the summary at this point.

Finley Jo and Ryder are due August 4 (Medium/Standard Goldendoodle) GO HOME is October 1, 2022

Soleil's Magnificent 7 was born September 4th (Medium/Standard Aussiedoodle) GO HOME is October 29, 2022.

Maggie Mae and Axel are due October 24th and GO HOME is December 19th (we will hold for Christmas).

Goldie is due October 30th ..... (Petite Mini Goldendoodle...Really more like micros) GO HOME Christmas Eve. THIS WILL RESERVE FAST AND DUE TO SIZE IT WILL BE A SMALL LITTER. WE TAKE RESERVATIONS ONGOING!!!!

Georgia and Gryphon due in December (Medium/Standard Sheepadoodle)

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