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Micro Goldendoodle
Expected Due Date:
Dec 18, 2023

Mercy has had some amazing litters. She is calm and gentle and loves all people and dogs. She is apricot like her mate, Ottis. She normally mates with Axel, and while he is an excellent match for Mercy, we decided to go with Ottis to bring some smaller pups to the mix. Both produce beautiful babies. They will be ready around February right when we hit the season of love. Here it's cold with the hint that Spring is coming. It's a great time to snuggle in with a sweet forever furbaby.

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Sadie and Ottis

Expected Due Date:
Dec 17, 2023

Sadie has been bred with Ottis. This will bring some smaller pups to the mix with Sadie weighing 22 lbs and Ottis weighing 10 lbs. Sadie is a deep red and Ottis is a beautiful apricot. This is the first time this pair has been together and we are excited to see the outcome of these amazing parents. We take reservations ongoing and select in order of RESERVATION. They will be ready to go home in February, making a wonderful addition of love right around Valentine's Day. There is nothing that say LOVE like the love of a furry companion.

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Reesie and Ryder

Expected Due Date:
Dec 4, 2023

The much awaited litter of Reesie and Ryder is on the way. Reesie is a beautiful Merle Aussiedoodle who produces every color under the sun. They will be in the Medium/Standard Range. Reesie weighs around 41 lbs and Ryder in about 53 lbs. We will do a sonogram at the 30 day mark to confirm pregnancy. They will be ready to go home around February 5, 2024. It will always be the weekend after the turn 8 weeks.

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