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Selah and Axel

Mini Goldendoodle
Expected Due Date:
Mar 1, 2023

Beautiful Mini Goldendoodles expected. The range will be 22-35 lbs. Colors ranging from golden to red as well as abstract (white markings). Ready to go home 8 weeks later around April 29th.

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Petite Mini Goldendoodle
Expected Due Date:
Jan 5, 2023

Sadie had a beautiful litter of Petite Mini Goldendoodles January 5, 2023. There are 4 females and 2 males. 1/16/23 we have ONE MALE AVAILABLE. We have 2 litters coming in February from our friends AND Selah is due in March with Mini Goldendoodles. Selah weighs 28 lbs. Both of these moms are Axel's mate.

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Georgia and Gryphon

Expected Due Date:
Dec 26, 2022

Georgia and Gryphon had a beautiful litter December 26, 2022. There are 7 males and 4 females. Georgia has beautiful darlings with sweet temperaments and beautiful coats. Georgia will begin dual training for Therapy as well as a PTSD Service dog for my husband Locke, who is an LPC counselor. She will actually be used with children with PTSD. One is being donated for the LIVE Auction for Hannah House here in Longview. Hannah House is a maternity home here in Longview, TX. Puppies are ready to be selected and Go Home 2/25/2022. We have moved out GO HOME DATE to 2/25/22 feeling like with this being a large litter they needed a little more time with our socialization program. They are now tracking on time, but we are still keeping our date. These are always OPEN as OPEN HOUSES. Check out Facebook for the EVENT and RSVP on that EVENT if you are not one of our RESERVATION HOLDERS, but want to attend. We have more than just these puppies there. We have adults you can see as well as Sadie's litter.

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