Meet the Parents


Sadie (her mate is Axel)
Mini Goldendoodle

Kaia (her mate is Gryphon)

Kaia is the daughter of Bella and Ryder. Bella is the Daughter of Diamond, who was our first Goldendoodle! We wanted to have Diamond's Legacy carried on and we also wanted to continue to provide parti doodles, and Kaia carries for parti. Her mate is Gryphon, who is also a Parti Poodle. Half of her litters will be parti colored (apricot/red and white).

Piper (her mate is Gryphon)
Standard Goldendoodle, CKC Registered

Piper is a gentle, loving lady. She loves children and people alike and has never met a stranger. Her puppies range from the golden to apricot range.

Finley Jo (her mate is Ryder)
Standard Goldendoodle, CKC Registered

Finley Jo is a fun loving, playful girl. She loves her people and is very protective of her human children. She is always aware of where they are and who is with them, inspecting them thoroughly to make sure they can be around her human children. She is a loving mother to her little ones. She has puppies in the golden to apricot/red range)

Emmie (her mate is Ryder)
Standard Goldendoodle, CKC Registered

Emmie is Falkor's daughter. She is an F1 born Spring of 2017. She is a sweet, sweet girl and beautiful wavy curl. She lives in a wonderful Guardian Home. Her puppies range in the golden to apricot range.

Standard Goldendoodle

Bella....she is an F1B. Her mom is the sweet Diamond F1 who crossed the Rainbow Bridge in the summer of 2017, and her dad is Peppy (Cream Standard Poodle) from another breeder. Bella is retiring at the end of 2019.

Mercy (her mate is Axel)
Mini Goldendoodle

Mercy is a true love. She made us fall in love with minis. She is obedient and loving. She loves to carry around a toy with her everywhere she goes, and will share occasionally with other dogs.

Georgia (her mate is Gryphon)
Sheepadoodle, CKC Registered

Georgia is an F1 Sheepadoodle and unlike MOST F1 Goldendoodles, she does NOT shed at all. She is quick to learn and loves her people and her buddy and future mate, Gryphon. She knows lots of tricks and is always eager to learn more. She will begin training soon for emotional support/therapy.

Soleil (her mate is usually Ryder unless an outside stud is used)
Aussiedoodle, CKC Registered


Mini Goldendoodle

Standard Poodle

Gryphon (pronounced Griffin)a CKC registered Standard Poodle has amazing, soft, loose curls in bright red and white. He stands tall and regal and enjoys being with Georgia rolling and playing in the yard.

Standard Poodle

Ryder is a proven AKC and CKC Registered Standard Poodle stud producing gorgeous red puppies. He thinks he's human and he just might be. He wants to stand all the time! He loves to be around people and is a pleaser.