First 8 Weeks of a Doodle Heaven Puppy


We do a sonogram at around 30 days to confirm pregnancy and in many cases we do an x-ray at around 59-60 days to determine the number of puppies.  Puppies are due around 63 days.  This varies with dogs as much as it does with humans.  We are as anxious as you!


All puppies are born with me (Kara) present the entire time. I remain during labor with camera in hand.  We have some amazing birth videos as a result.  I let mom do the work and then I further clean the puppies, determine gender and weigh them.  They are marked with varying colors of ribbons to identify them.  These are adjusted or changed out as they get older.  Puppies are weighed 2  times a day (or more if needed) first 3 to 5 days to determine weight gain.  All puppies are watched for latching properly.  I do not leave puppies for any extended time for the first 2 to 5 days.  A baby monitor and camera is on them at all times or I am sleeping near them.

Puppies are taken to the vet within 3 days to be checked and have dewclaws removed.  We use  West Loop Animal Hospital. West Loop does all testing and will care for puppies throughout their 8 weeks with us. From day 3 through about day 16 or more we practice early neurological stimulation.

We feel this is and important part of the socialization process. We also expose them to many sounds, surfaces as well as experiences including our 6 children. Once puppies begin on puppy mush at 3/4 weeks. We mess with their mouths and pull tails while they eat and while they play.  We make their eating experience slightly stressful so they will be comfortable with interruptions during dinner and distractions are not alarming to them.  This is critical if you, the owner,  have small children or new settings that may occur in your home, such as guests, etc.  We suggest you continue it.  We also continue to mess with toes and mouths as well as ears.  This is to help at the vet so they will not be aggressive when a vet looks at their teeth or trims their nails. The groomer wants this as well so they can move them in the positions they need to get a gorgeous dog. We go a step further with Puppy Culture.

Puppies return to the vet between 6 and 7 weeks to be checked again for any abnormalities and to begin shots.  These SHOTS are only the beginning and do not protect them from diseases until the next round.  These puppies must NOT be exposed to other dogs that you know nothing about; areas that could be contaminated with dogs who are not vaccinated, etc.  This means, no puppy parks, or parks at all, not public places unless held the entire time and not touched by others. This means you need to have a surface for them to go potty on when traveling.

Puppies must be taken to your vet within 3 to 5 days of going home with you to establish with the vet and to confirm that the puppy is healthy as we have stated.  This also must be done in order to have the health guarantee in effect.  Without going to the vet in this time frame you will forfeit the guarantee.  We deworm puppies whether they test positive for worms or not just to be sure, but suggest you have them checked again at this time.  Worms are very common for puppies, although we rarely have them here.  IT IS NOT, however, a reflection of you, me, or anyone else if a puppy has worms.  They can get them from simply drinking from a flower pot or stepping in contaminated poop.


Please keep in mind we highly recommend you find a trainer.. (see our January 2020 announcement below regarding TRAINING FROM HOME) .

The good and bad news about doodles is that they are SUPER SMART.  If you don't train them, then they WILL train you!.  I know many unruly doodles that are an example of a home not properly training them. This is a cost you need to consider when purchasing your baby.

Crate training is critical in our opinion as well as "bell training" for potty training.  You will have a time that they need to go somewhere for some reason and training them to love their crate is essential.  All of ours have their own crates and go right in them when called. Be consistent in the early days going outside often....let your little one go potty and then wait and let them go again.  They do NOT know to empty their bladder completely at first.  I promise they will more than likely go twice.  This will be frustrating to you if you take them outside and they go potty and then come back in and go potty again.  Take your time and go often and your baby will be potty trained in a short period of time.  In our last litter one owner stated that her puppy had only one accident!  She was very good at consistency. We highly suggest "wearing" them if you want success fast. This means putting them on a leash and tucking the end of it in your pocket and being with them at every waking moment.  You will learn their routine and quickly train.  It is a myth that they cannot be potty trained this early, BUT it is very, very hard.

Once you take your furbaby home we have a Facebook page for ongoing support and to keep up with other littermates.  (We are also partnering with BAXTER and Bella - see below - offering an incredible train from home program). A Doodle is Heaven to Love is only for owners.  It is a joy to see these babies grow up and share stories..  We are also there to help with training or behavior challenges.  There is a wealth of support there from us as well as other owners, many of which have more than one Goldendoodleheaven doodle.


January 2020

We are super excited to announce that we have officially partnered with BAXTER & Bella and their exclusive online puppy school, providing pet parents Lifetime MEMBERS ONLY Access to everything needed in order to achieve better animal ownership and experience the very best in canine companionship, including all of their training methods, materials and resources! If you are a dog owner we totally recommend giving them a try and when you enter Discount Code DOODLEHEAVENTEXAS at checkout, you will save instantly!

Below is a YouTube video briefly describing Train Your Puppy From Home

The following link will take you to BAXTER & Bella's "Learn More" page where you can read an overview of their program, check out more videos, browse FAQs and more!

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