2023 has Arrived

January 16, 2023

2023 has arrived! We start getting messages about "what to expect this year" and so we are giving you our basic predictions, BUT these can change at any time.  We do not breed just to breed.  We breed according to our reservation list and inquiries. At this time, here is what we expect:

Selah is due March first with Mini Goldendoodles

Kaia is being bred in January with a due date of March and Go Home in May with Medium/Standard Goldendoodles.  Half will be PARTI. YAY!

February will be Goldie. Due April, Go Home June. Petite Mini Goldendoodles (Our smallest)

March will be Lucy. Due May, Go Home July.

March may also be Ruby, same dates. Medium/Standard Tri Colored Phantom Merle Aussiedoodle.  How many more colors can you pack into one beauty.

April we will not breed as we find that August is a hard time for pups to go home due to school and other activities.

May will be Mercy.  Due in July and home in September.

June will be Finley Jo and Selah. We expect to select a puppy from Finley Jo to keep for future breeding.  We will look for a Guardian home for that darling.

Past that, we will wait and see. We like to plan half the year and then decide based on what actually happens as to what SHOULD happen from there. Kaia would be the only mama to have Christmas pups if heats stay on track.  To be honest, Sadie has never stayed on track and we have some that float a couple of weeks to we will see!

We continue to work with breeder friends in Northern Arkansas bringing quality pups here to Eat Texas.  They only breed Petites and Minis. All of our Petites are from them and have been excellent mamas (Mercy, Sadie, Lucy, Maggie and Goldie). Cookie will join those ranks as a Petite Mini Sheepadoodle in the future. We will post their pups as soon as they are available. They do selections by photo unless we pre purchase them and bring them home.  If we do move forward with bringing them home we go in selection order.  We have never had someone not be happy with their choice either way it's done.  They add the Petite Mini Bernedoodles along with the Goldendoodles and Sheepadoodles.

Mamas that have not made the line up yet due to age and testing are Raven and Missy (formerly Laurel).  Both are Mini Goldendoodles.

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