April Update Time

April 12, 2023

Currently we have Selah and Axel with some beautiful Mini Goldendoodles.  They can be seen both in LIVE videos as well as photos on our Facebook page. We have 6 females and 2 males and we have opening in both genders.

We have another beautiful litter from Kaia and Gryphon.  Those are the medium/standard Goldendoodles. Many people ask about therapy dogs these dogs.  For those tasks, a dog this size is better.  They are easier to train and fit the needs of anxiety and depression better due to the sheer size (they can use their weight to get your attention by leaning into you or laying on you like a weighted blanket). Not saying smaller ones won't work, but they aren't ideal.  She has 11 cuties with 7 females and 4 males.  Right now we have A SILENT AUCTION going on. The bid is at $1200 currently which means APRIL 28th at 10:00 PM the auction will close and the highest bidder will win the puppy.  It could be a male or female.  100 % of these funds will go to Woodland Hills Christian Academy! You can place a bid in $100 increments (as long as you do not hold a current reservation) by email only. Prices are not allowed on Facebook per THEIR rules. I will update in several locations.  I will give hints on FB like twelve double 00 for $1200, etc. to keep our page out of trouble. I will post the last name unless asked not to and then I will post HIDDEN NAME in case someone is planning a surprise for someone.

Goldie is our smallest mama with pups expected between 10-12 lbs. Otis is her mate.  She will NOT have a large litter so those reservations might go fast, BUT hold on, there is another option! She is due the end of May.

Lucy was bred with Otis as well so pups will also be 10-12 lbs and is due early June.

Maggie Mae was bred with Axel for puppies weighing 12-22 lbs (most are on the smaller size). She is also due in June.

Pups go home at 8 weeks!

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