Guardian Opportunities

June 6, 2023

Many ethical breeders use guardian homes to grow their program and to share well bred, health tested, temperament confirmed pups with families.  This allows the home to not have more dogs than they can comfortably care for and play with and share all the love with and yet still get to love on many other dogs at various times in their lives.  Our Guardians are family! We are looking for several future guardians.

Mini Red/Apricot Female Goldendoodle weighing 28 lbs. She is almost 2.

Medium/Standard Goldendoodle Female yet to be born. She will weigh from 40-60 lbs

Toy Red Poodle male available in the fall of 2023.

Petite Mini Goldendoodle Female soon to be born (we already have a potential home for her)

Guardian homes get the dog or puppy for free and care for her as if she were their own. Guardians are under contract and must bring their baby to us when there is testing to be done or breeding and they will come to us 5 days before her due date and remain during the time she is raising her babies.  We always give notice and we want the guardian to let us know each heat cycle so we can plan accordingly. Any costs pertaining to breeding and testing is paid for by us. Guardians are always welcome to visit their mama. Males only come for 3 days at time when needed for stud services. All guardians are paid per litter. Once the mom is retired we pay to have her spayed and she remains with you for the rest of her lifetime.

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