Health Guarantee

July 5, 2021

What is a Heath Guarantee and what does it mean for YOU? Each breeder has their own requirements for the Health Guarantee. Please read each carefully so you do not misunderstand any portion of the Guarantee.  For us, we are guaranteeing the health of your puppy against any testable genetic issues. There are so, so many genetic issues that cannot be tested for.  This means we have no control over anything we cannot test for and we have no way to predict those either.  If we can't predict it by extensive testing we are not able to guarantee against it.

If you do not follow through with the timeframe for vaccinations then we are not guaranteeing health.  These early puppy phases need regular vet visits.  Our requirement is every 3 to 4 weeks from the vaccination your pup received from our vet.  This means 28 days at most from that date and the next visits must follow this same time frame.

We do not guarantee against parasites or infections that may occur. These are common things that can happen and we have no control over them.  Pups can get UTI's from dragging their little bottoms on the ground while they are little and parasites are just simply common. Know your dog and if anything seems amiss, please see your vet.  Not eating, loose stools, not drinking, etc. Keep in mind that stools can be a little bit loose due to the stress of leaving mama and their littermates so just keep an eye out.

We are no longer guaranteeing against hip dysplasia.  We have not ever had a case that we are aware of, but we know the potential is always there for any dog. Research shows that 80% of all cases have to do with outside influences including poor quality dog food, inappropriate exercise at a young age and other factors of which we have no control. We make suggestions on how to select an appropriate food and what exercises are not appropriate until 1. BECAUSE we feel so strongly in NUVET we will extend your 1 year health guarantee to a 2 year guarantee if you keep your dog on NuVet during this time. You DO NOT need to use Nuvet to get our 1 year Health Guarantee! I do not believe in EXTRAS, but this one we have tested with our own dogs. Do we make money from you buying it, yes, a very small amount? Do we still buy it by the case for our dogs and give it to them? Absolutely.  I have read and studied up on them and found the true research to be valid.

We are grateful for wonderful years with healthy pups in regards to testable genetic issues, but we also stand behind our pups and we will replace your pup from another litter and retire any dog with a genetic flaw that could be repeated in the future.

We are now requiring our families to register for the FREE 30 days of Trupanion Pet Insurance.  We do not receive any money or incentives for this in any way.  We have just seen more accidents occur within the first 30 days with new pets and we want you to be covered in the event that something occurs.

We have a strict SPAY/NEUTER agreement.  This means you may not breed your dog for any reason. If you cannot abide by this, please choose another breeder.  This is not for us to "corner the market" so to speak, but to insure that breeders are aware of the responsibility of breeding a very specific mixed breed dog.  We have had an owner in the past not only violate this, but breed direct siblings who were both carriers of a disease trait that would be terminal for the pups.  If they had tested them, they would have known. The parents were not affected with the trait, but combined it was awful. We cannot contribute to this huge problem. If you are wanting to breed please talk to us and we will insure that you get a mentor to walk this road with.  We spent 2 years preparing for this journey and we suggest anyone else do the same. Our contract is legally binding and the last thing we want to do is to follow through on this, but we also want to be responsible breeders and this is one way to be responsible.

This is NOT the actual guarantee, but the basics for it. If you are Reservation Holder, you will receive a copy to sign.  If you would like to see if before then please let us know.

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