How Does Our Waiting List Work

August 27, 2020

Our waiting list may be a little different than most.  We have a GENERAL LIST for Mediums and a GENERAL LIST for Minis.  What on earth does that even mean??? When a reservation form comes in this SHOULD mean that someone is ready to put down a NON REFUNDABLE RESERVATION FEE. This is time stamped and added to our spread sheet by the date and time. They are in a HOLD position pending the reservation being paid.  They have a few days to get that taken care of before they are removed. At this point they have secured a spot. Now, it can get complicated with genders and other breeds such as Aussiedoodles and Sheepadoodles.  They are asked WHICH breed, but still put on the general list.  WHY?  Because often people change their mind and we want them to have the flexibilty to do so. Timing may work out for one or the other or the color is something they are really interested in or they read about a particular breed they didn't know about and things change. Once a litter is about a week old we make our way down the list. If we have 3 females and 5 males it is easy to see that we can remove the 4 female choice on down for this litter.  We can, however, keep those who chose gender neutral, meaning they don't care either way. As the litter grows, from time to time people will need to move to another litter due to various things like selling a house, unexpected illness or financial hardship.  We just move them from the list IN THE ORDER THEY CAME on which puts them in a pretty high spot for the next litter should they choose it. It is UP to them to contact us if they want to be a part of the next litter once they are born. Many are specific about which mama they want and that is great! They can certainly keep to that plan.

We are going to do a Youtube Channel explaining how this works using my office black board.  Our reservation list is eactually in a google spreadsheet and it colorcoded per litter so we can better keep up with the details.

Keep in mind that no one is 1st pick or even 2nd pick UNLESS we release those spots. Those are reserved for us to be able to select for our program, for a therapy dog or for current owners who want to add another doodle to their brood. Once those are gone we do not add additional ones to that particular litter.  As in the case of Finley Jo's current litter we didn't have any that fit that criteria so we released them.

I hope this helps with the process.  Check out our Youtube Channel soon for a visual of this process.

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