December 31, 2023

Dear friends and followers and fellow dog owners, It is with a broken heart I write this post this morning.  We have always strived to be very transparent in all that we do and we don’t plan on changing that any time soon.  Out goal is to produce beautiful, healthy, well adjusted, properly socialized pups and to support those looking for their perfect pup even if it isn’t through us.  We also strive to help rescues and re-homes and walk through training tips with those needing further help.  Today is a hard post and my heart is so heavy it will take a while for me to be able to process it.

So on to the heartbreak. our beloved, beautiful Reesie who just produced an amazing litter of 7 Aussiedoodle babies has crossed the Rainbow Bridge this morning. We have had a rough few weeks since she gave birth.  She wasn’t gaining weight like she needed to and just didn’t seem well although she was taking good care of her pups.  After 2 vet trips, an all day vet visit the day after Christmas, and many tests, surgery was needed and a toy was found lodged completely blocking her intestines.  She began an extended stay at the vet, and though she was getting better each day, today took a dramatic turn and despite all the efforts by the vet and her team, Reesie lost her battle.  She fought a valiant battle and in the end it was simply too much.

In almost 15 years of breeding, we have only lost one adult dog.  She was our original Goldendoodle and died after retirement.  This is a hard hit to our hearts and to the heart of our amazing guardian family who loved her so well.  The puppies have been weaned and are eating well.  We are sad they don’t have a mama to snuggle them, but my girls are stepping in and today we may try another mama to see if she will snuggle with them along with us if only for a little while.  Please pray for our hearts as we process this tremendous loss.  Our dogs are family.  They are so loved and they play an important role in our lives a companions.  Hug your babies tight.  There is nothing like the love of a dog.  Dogs provide a comfort that nothing else can provide.  Every child and quite frankly, I believe, every person should have the love of a dog. Don’t take that love for granted as they are only here for a short time.  Sometimes even shorter than we expect.  

We love you, Reesie girl.  Fly high!

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