Sizes of Doodles

September 13, 2022

Man oh man, is this cause for debate among everyone.  It's much like colors.  What is blue?  What is silver?  How is black blue?

We have done our research and debate and more research and have come up with the weights and sizes we feel best describing.

Standards: 51 lbs and UP. They height is something that needs to be considered.  These are over 21 inches at the withers which is the top of the shoulder.

Mediums: 36-50 lbs standing between 17-21 inches tall at the withers.

Minis: 26-35 lbs ranging in height from 14-17 inches

Petite Minis: less than 25 lbs and below 14 inches

There is always mentions of Micros and we just only use the term casually.  It means to US, typically under 12-15 lbs.

Of our Smallest female dogs: Sadie weighs 22 lbs, Mercy weighs 15 lbs, Maggie Mae and Lucy are around 12-14 lbs, Goldie weighs 11 lbs. Our 2 male studs: Axel is 22 lbs and Ottis is 10.6 lbs. Either one can breed with any of these mamas safely.

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