Thrive during the holidays with an Emotional Support Animal

December 21, 2019

According to, Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) help individuals with emotional disabilities such as anxiety or depression by providing comfort and support. Any animal can be an emotional support animal. Federal law does not require these animals to have any specific training and you do not have to be physically disabled to have an emotional support animal.

You may have seen news articles regarding some recent problems with ESAs such as the peacock that a person attempted to bring aboard a plane based on the idea that it was their ESA. I have had clients who claimed that their “non-traditional” animal, such as an iguana, was their ESA.  But when they brought their ESA to therapy, there were observable changes in the client’s ability to regulate their emotions during therapy.  

My therapist husband is considering bringing one of my older female Goldendoodle dogs to his office periodically to see  if her presence might be calming for his anxious clients or uplifting for his depressed clients.  According to

“Goldendoodles make an excellent choice as far as therapy dogs go. They are a robust, crossbreed available in a variety of sizes, which makes them ideal for those living in care facilities, apartments and condo buildings as well as detached homes. These highly social dogs are extremely smart.”

Our family is a Goldendoodle breeder offering Goldendoodles (Golden Retriver/Poodle mix), Aussiedoodles (Australian Shepherd/Poodle mix), Sheepadoodles (Sheep Dog/Poodle mix), and Mini-Doodles (Miniature Goldendoodle mix).  My has for life has been extremely allergic to all types of animals including dogs, I have found that our Doodles do not cause any problems for his health.  While “shelter” dogs can make excellent pets and we certainly recommend you rescue any dog you can that fits your family, we began breeding Goldendoodles because there are many people who simply cannot physically handle a dog that sheds or has allergy inducing dander.  

My therapist husband highly recommends researching having an emotional support animal, specifically a dog.  If you live in the East Texas area or within driving distance of East Texas, then may I recommend you check out  Am I biased for our Doodles? Of course, and that’s why I’m telling you so.  But considering we genetically test all of our animals for proper coat, disease, and even temperament, if you adopt a Doodle from us, you know you’re getting the highest quality animal available.  

So, highly endorses for your Emotional Support Animal or for simply a pet that will positively change your family forever.

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