Update on Retirements

June 28, 2022

It is always so sad to retire a wonderful mama because we love them with our whole heart and love to see their beautiful puppies and spend this sweet time with them, but being a mama is only for a season and then it is time to retire and continue to live your best life and not have to take care of "the kids". In 2022 we have retired 2 amazing mamas.  Piper Jolie and Emmie.  They have both been amazing moms and we know their guardian homes are thrilled to have them home permanently. We love you Piper and Emmie!

Now many will ask who has "replaced" them so to speak.  We don't really think of it like replacing them, but more adding new ladies to our crew.  We did a specific breeding with Emmie to produce a puppy we are hopeful will bring the size down to the mini range....somewhere in between our medium standards who weigh in the upper 40 lbs through lower 50 lb range and our petite minis who don't get over 25 lbs.  We are hoping for the honey spot of 30-40 lbs. She has become a guardian with the Wilbur family.  Brooke has worked for me for years and they already have one of our little fellas that is NOT a guardian.

We will also be adding another lovely lady that will be born in July.  She is the result of a pairing with one of our past females and our Axel. We will be selecting the pick of the litter female.  We are again looking for the in between size.  Since beautiful Willow is 32 lbs and Axel is 22 lbs we are excited to see the results of these 2. We are currently looking for a guardian home for this future girl, but may have some possibilities.

In the next year or 2,(We are on a reservation list) we will be adding a deep red toy poodle male to our line up of studs!  We are excited about the breeder we are getting him from and the future pups from him.

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